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Le Sur Mesure’s Team is very happy to announce that we will be present at Dubaï, in the United Arab Emirates, from March 7 to March 19, participating in the Boat Show 2022, from March 09 to March 13, 2022, at the World Expo 2020 and also at the Crypto Expo from March 16 to March 17.

For our first participation during events in Dubaï as representatives of the company Le-SurMesure, we would be delighted to present to you during these events, how French Polynesia is an attractive destination, perfectly meeting the needs for a private yacht cruise.

Our partners will make you discover French Polynesia in a private and exclusive way through extraordinary experiences.
Private or professional stays, we will realize and create for you the Voyage that suits you best.
We hope to have the chance to see you there and do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to organize a meeting during one of these events and take advantage of our visit to Dubai to create news connections.


Our objectives for events in Dubai

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Meeting with you professionals and influencers of Yachting world. Contact us and let’s make an appointment



Introduction to a Middle Eastern guests potentially seduced by the French Polynesia Destination


French Polynesia

Introduce and present the interests of French Polynesia for a leisure or professional travel destination

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