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We are delighted to send you our presentation of Le Sur Mesure, your made-to-measure concierge service in French Polynesia.

Stay tuned for the next few weeks to the mailbox to discover our various products, which may interest to you to enjoy a special moment for the end of the year.

Our tailor-made services

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Organization, creation and booking of tailor-made trips in French Polynesia

Concierge service, private and personal, before / during / after the trip

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Private / leisure sector: travel with friends, family, couple, honeymoon, birthday, to events

Professional sector: company trip, seminar, business meeting, group trip

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Covid situation in French Polynesia

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Open borders

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Only the vaccine to enter the territory

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No quarantines

French Polynesia presentation

Located in the center of the pacific ocean, French Polynesia offers you an extraordinary universe, enjoying a freedom like nowhere else and a wide choice of luxurious products, for a unique experience in the world.

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With an area equal to that of Europe,
French Polynesia is :





It includes the Society archipelago with the Society Islands, the Tuamotu archipelago, the Gambier archipelago, the Austral archipelago and the Marquesas archipelago. This large area offers a unique, rewarding experience in wild nature, with lagoons of turquoise waters.

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Come in Polynesia !