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Nukutepipi - Between nature and luxe

We are pleased to present an exceptional and unique product to you!

In the next couple of lines I’m going to show you how the exclusive Nukutepipi Island can:

  • Help you promote your clients so you can have a stunning destination in the Pacific to add to your marketing catalog
  • Maximize jets and Yachts owner’s revenue so you can make them satisfied and reinforce the trust trught profesionnal.
  • To leave the possibility and the opportunity to live an extraordinary experience to yourself
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Why go to Nukutepipi?

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Discover one of the most exclusive islands in the world.

Let be surprised by the charm and the luxury atmosphere of Nukutepipi

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Located in the middle of the Pacific, near Tahiti and about 8 hours from Los Angeles, the private island of Nukutepipi is about 5.6 km long. It’s the 7th smallest atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia.

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The island host many tropical birds, as well as flora and fauna. We find there a perfect harmony of Nature and Calm.

Its unique marine ecosystem offers you exceptional visibility of Polynesian waters.

Accommodations & Villas

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Fleur Motu Nao Nao

The Master villa

  • A master bedroom with an extra large bed (3m x 3.70m)
  • A second bedroom
  • Two separate bungalows
  • Private overflowing pool with lagoon view
  • Private Cinema
  • Several indoor & outdoor lounges
Fleur Motu Nao Nao

The Master villa

  • A large room of 247m²
  • A second bedroom of 272m²
  • Each bedroom has its own bathroom
  • An outdoor lounge with an private overflowing pool
  • A large main interior living room
  1. Golf cars are available
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Fleur Motu Nao Nao

13 one-bedroom beach bungalows

  • Six one-room bungalows of 70m² with king-size bed
  • Seven one-room bungalows of 70m² with queen-size bed
  • Bicycles are available
  • WIFI access (Limited to 2MB in download)

Nukutepipi by Air

Our tailor-made services offers you a Boeing Business Jet to reach French Polynesia as a group in complete safety & tranquillity.

Let be guided by our trusted partners and contact us to organize your future stay on an extraordinary private island.


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