A stay that looks like you

An exceptional stay
in French Polynesia


You won’t find another experience like this in the world. Out of the ordinary and adapted to your every wish, let yourself be captivated by a stay exclusively made for you. Professional support by our concierge, available to you during your entire trip, will give you complete confidentiality. Let yourself be captivated by a tailor-made stay. Our concierge will take care of you professionally and with confidence during your entire trip, giving you complete peace of mind.

Follow in the footsteps of Marlon Brando and explore the various archipelagos that make up French Polynesia in a private yacht offered by one of our partners, or let us organize the movement of your own yacht in Polynesian waters for total freedom. Take advantage of the privatization of an atoll for a special event. Live the extraordinary experience of observing humpback whales and other marine fauna. We can also arrange for your own yacht to be moved around Polynesian waters for complete freedom. Benefit from the privatisation of an atoll for a return to your roots. Experience extraordinary marine life, especially humpback whales.

Soak up the local culture with products specific to Polynesia such as famous Tahitian Vanilla and pearls of supreme quality, or seize the opportunity to meet the local Mana.